Back in 1996, Corbus mill began production of a wide range of steel products including equal angles, flat bars, square bars, debars,and plain bars. It was notably the first company in the Iskenderun region to obtain ISO quality certification for its entire product range, and at the time production capacity peaked at 150,000 metric tons per annum.In 2010, Corbus is entering a new era. After restructuring management and an extensive modernization of our production facilities, steel production capacity is over 500,000 metric tons per annum.

Our group of companies – Corbus steel inc. ,Corbus trade inc, Corbus, and Intermet — proudly contributes to the national economy, advocates for the betterment of its local economies, and embraces environmental responsibility. Our foreign trading firms, Intermet and Corbus, and also domestic trading firm, Corbus trade inc. serve customer needs according to a philosophy of integrity and ethics. We create customer value by maintaining a clean corporate culture and focusing on mutual prosperity. According to these practices, we aim to become the benchmark in the world steel industry.

Best Regards,
Chairman of the Board